Overview Of  It's All About Wine Guidebook

The Essential Guidebook To Further Your Knowledge and Appreciation of Wine

Written By: Gene Levine, Vintner

Gene Levine knows wine. His fine wine making experience began in 1970, and even today, his Eugene Wine strives to consistently make superb, wines that will exceed a wine lover's expectations.

If you're intimidated when trying to select a wine in a store; or, you resist going to wine tastings because you fear your lack of knowledge will make you look foolish; then relax, Gene says there is no right way or wrong way to taste wine. You either like what you’re drinking or don't – it's that simple.

Truly understanding, and appreciating wine’s nuances however doesn't have to be intimidating. Using the information contained in this guidebook, you can begin a fun-filled, tasty journey, to learn how to better enjoy the details communicated by premium wines. Who knows, you may even become a true wine enthusiast.

In this essential guidebook, Gene Levine’s easy to follow writing style offers you his vast  repository of wine-making experience and  information with one goal in mind –  to further your knowledge and appreciation of wine.

Gene Levine is passionate about wine and passionate about wanting to help rescue unwanted, suffering, and abused animals. Through his Eugene Wine he therefore heartily supportsThe Humane Animal Treatment Charity, Inc., an IRS approved USA 501(c)(3) non-profit that raises crucial funds to support no-kill animal rescue facilities.

Table of Contents

Meet the Author

Brief History of Wine

Wine Production Timeline

Facts About USA Wine Consumption

Most Popular Wines and Their Grape Varietals

Guide To Proper Wine Serving Temperatures

The Six Easy Steps Used to Evaluate Any Wine

Step 1 - See the Color

Step 2 - Swirl

Step 3 - Sniff

Step 4 - Sip

Step 5 - Swallow or Spit?

Step 6 - Score The Wines You're Tasting

The 22 Steps Every Vintner Uses When Making Red Wine

Overview of Professional Wine Tasting Events

Florida Law Governing Wine Tasting Events

Most Popular Regions and Their Grapes

How To Become a Wine Guru

How to Write Useful Wine Tasting Notes


An Actual Eugene Wine Tasting Score Card

For Wine Tasting Terms, GO TO: www.Eugenewine.info/glossary


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