Hi and welcome to my pride — Eugene Wine.  My aim has always been to make wines that exceed people’s expectations and so I'm proud that my wine is the one most often chosen – in blind taste tests – to be equal to, or better than, the participant’s familiar premium  brand.

It is my hope that you find my experience and knowledge of wine – as shared in this Essential Guidebook – will help increase your knowledge and appreciation of quality wine.

My love for making fine, premium wine began in 1970 and grew into a large winery business. I spared no expense in handcrafting wines in small batches using premium grape products from recognized global locations, and my customers found that the wines they bought would consistently exceed their expectations .

The notable production practices, exemplary sanitation standards and Five Irrevocable Guiding Principles I used then, soon became standards for the burgeoning wine industry and I still employ them.

Unlike the 1970s when I sold my upscale wines to restaurants, today’s Eugene Wines are not for sale but you can still taste and enjoy them at wine competitions or at wine tasting fund raisers.

Eugene Wine heartily supports Humane Animal Treatment Charity, Inc., an IRS approved USA 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises crucial funds to support non-profit,  no-kill animal rescue facilities. We gift that charity our portfolio of wines for their wine tasting fundraisers. To get event information and their next fundraising date(s) go to


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